30/04: Matlab and AMD Athlon 64 issue

This issue has been bugging me from the start of my current semester at NUST.

I have a 6 months old AMD Athlon64 processor (Winchester) based PC running Windows XP Professional and wanted to use Matlab 7 Release 14 ( on it for my Numerical Analysis course. The software installed fine. However, on clicking the desktop shortcut, the program showed the splash screen but then suddenly quit. I wasn't sure as to what was causing it.

I have been struggling with this issue for some months and have finally found a solution. At least, this solution worked on my PC.

Follow the steps below:

1 - Open %MATLAB7%\bin\win32 in Windows Explorer or through My Computer. '%MATLAB7%' here is the path where you installed MATLAB.

2 - Find the file named 'blas.spec'. Open this file in Wordpad. You will see a listing like this:

GenuineIntel Family 5 Model * atlas_PPro.dll # Pentium
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 1 atlas_PPro.dll # Pentium Pro
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 3 atlas_PII.dll # Pentium II (Klamath)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 5 atlas_PII.dll # Pentium II (Deschutes)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 6 atlas_PII.dll # Celeron
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 7 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Katmai)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 8 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Coppermine)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 9 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium M
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 10 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Cascades)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 11 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Mobile)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model * atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III
GenuineIntel Family 15 Model * atlas_P4.dll # Pentium 4
AuthenticAMD Family 5 Model * atlas_PII.dll # AMD-K6
AuthenticAMD Family 6 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon/Duron
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 4 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 5 atlas_Athlon.dll # Opteron

3 - Scroll down and add the following two lines at the end:

AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

4 - Save the file (Ctrl+S).

5 -Start Matlab.

I hope this solution works for you. I have read about setting the environment variable 'blas_version' to some other value but I didn't need to find and/or modify it. My copy of Matlab worked fine after the above mentioned changes.

Good luck with your Matlab programming!

(23-08-06) - Edit: I am now using Matlab R2006a. This version has no issues with running on AMD processors and is working perfectly on my PC.
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Thanks, that really helped me. Had the same problem, with matlab quitting suddenly, but this fixed the problem.
27/06 04:57:56
Thanks, worked on my athlon64-X2 3800+ too.
03/07 05:28:12
Thanks, it helped my Athlon64 3200+.
17/07 14:23:26
it works on my athlon64 3000+
greate thanks
21/07 23:53:53
I really thanking you for your valuable information that helped me and my friend.

Thanking you
24/07 17:30:58
You are all welcome!
03/08 08:17:55
Well I don`t like to write comments, but I need to say that this tip was REALLY important for me! I was frustated because I Just bought a new Notebook and couldn`t run matlab, so... thanks for the research guy!!!!
and Congratulations!!!
29/08 23:27:52
Perfect !!! it help me on my Athlon64 x2 3800+ Great.....
30/08 21:33:07
Thanks so much! This saved me too.
30/08 22:46:10
Great fix here, thanks a lot!
31/08 19:26:29
Thank you so much!
02/09 02:26:42
Thanks, got everything squared on my AMD 64 3000+ Venice Core
06/09 04:21:20
Amazing... This is a voice of angel save me...thaks
07/09 19:23:07
Dudee! Thank jew sooo much!
13/09 07:12:19
thank you so much!...
13/09 20:36:34
thanks a lot! a64 mobility 4000+
17/09 10:05:43
Oh man I'm so lucky I stumbled on this website. Had the exact same problem (using AMD X2 4600+), I thought I was going crazy cause this never happened on my old AMD 1600+. Problem fixed. Thanks a lot.
18/09 00:53:24
This is awesome! Thanks so much, you really saved me from lot of trouble. I am now running Matlab on AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+
20/09 04:35:57
yeah that fixed it!
21/09 02:06:50
It also worked for AMD Turion64.
Thanks a lot!
21/09 21:35:46
Thanks a LOT! I need to have this coding finished before class starts in a few hours ;p Props to Google for the quick fix, haha.
22/09 12:09:44
I recently bought a notebook, and installed matlab. I bought an amd turion x2 processor. I use matlab daily in my engineering program. This tip was an great help, thans a lot
29/09 07:07:44
a perfect solution!
Thanks a lot!
It also worked for Turion 64
05/10 08:33:39
Thank you... this article was very useful, as i fixed my matlab following your instructions
08/10 21:10:11
Thank you for this information that helped me.

Muchas Gracias // Thanks a LOT!
11/10 07:14:05
Great information - thanks a lot!!!
Best regards
07/11 00:27:42
Thanks a lot!
It works on AMD X2 4200+
24/11 23:38:53
@ Umair Bhatti:

A fellow NIITian benefiting from this entry... I am chuffed!!!

All of you who have commented with 'thanks' are most welcome!
25/11 00:05:24
thanks for your help. you save me lots of headache and worries
06/12 16:03:46
After so many posts from satisfied bloggers, I was optimistic that the above mentioned solution would also work for me, but it hasn't!

I'm trying to run Matlab 7 on an Athlon 64 (3000+) CPU with a Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 motheboard, but on starting Matlab I get an immediate crash with the following message:

" Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: D:\MATLAB7\bin\win32\Matlab.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
I have already attempted appending the two lines...

AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

... at the end of the blas.spec file, however this seems to have no effect.
Furthermore, I've alsoadded the variable "BLAS_VERSION' with a value of "atlas_Athlon.dll" in the environmental variables as suggested by other forums, but with no success.

Any help would be much appreciated.
13/12 13:15:57
@ JCat:

Your installation of MATLAB is probably having a different error and the solution mentioned won't work for the Visual C++ Runtime library error. My guess is the error in your case is being caused by unregistered dll files. Which version of Windows are you using?

Have you tried un-installing and then re-installing MATLAB? The MATLAB setup could then register the files (dll files) properly with Windows. It might help though there have been cases when this hasn't given any positive result.

This issue is known on the Mathworks newsreader. As outlined here, one solutions is to execute the command "mbuild -setup" from the MATLAB command window.

Here is another page which might help. The issue was resolved here by a theme in TuneUp Styler.

I hope that helps you solve the problem.
17/12 16:09:33
Tanks my friend, i resolve my problem and now i can programming my college works!!
Tanks one more time....

Best Regards

Steve Inácio
Electrotecnics and Computers Engineering
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias @ Universidade Nova de Lisboa
19/12 01:58:05
@ Steve Inacio:

You are welcome. Happy programming!
19/12 02:23:51
Before googling and coming to your page, I and my friend Sunil
installed and uninstalled Matlab7 two three times wondering if
the motherboard or CPU had any conflicts with matlab.

As per your suggestions, I added the two lines and now Matlab is rocking.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

24/12 22:19:19
@ Tanvir:

You are welcome!
04/01 01:42:28
thanks a lot man ;) save my day..
05/01 20:00:23
Thank you very much man. I was so worried about this, I bought a new computer just to work on Matlab and it wasn't working. Thanks a lot saved my life and money :)
17/01 20:18:35
iT WORKS!!!!!!!!

28/01 00:41:29
28/01 00:42:15
You sir are a hero!!

20/02 20:50:02
@ Karl:

Am I really? :P
20/02 21:32:57
i need to ypur help.
i insttaling matlab
and i have AMD CPU .model SEMPRON 3000+.
when runnig matlab it going out very soon.
i need to complatement program.
22/02 10:40:28
Thank you very much!!!

...I was going to format the hard disk after trying installing for 4 times!

( Athlon 64 3000+ )
06/03 00:43:06
excellent, if you where a women i'll kiss ya
09/03 09:18:32
thanks a lot dude. It worked on amd turion x2 with windows vista home premium edition. You saved my life. I was totally frustrated when i bought the new lappy with vista inside. does anybody know how to make origin 7.5 work in windows vista. my lappy is totally hanged when i try to start origin 7.5 (it works fine with windows XP but not with vista) any idea
Thanks a billion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/03 20:30:52
hey thanx a lot !!!
had da same problem.............was considering switching back to xp if it matlab didnt work coz have a project to submit
but this has been a great solution
Matlab now works fine
14/03 19:49:46
GREAT THX!!!!!!!

P.S. sometimes blogs are useful :P
27/03 01:03:34
this another form to do that

You need to use a "blas" specific for your AMD processor. BLAS is Basic
Linear Algebra System.

Anyhow, it is not so have to fix (but poorly documented in Matlab):

Right click on "My Computer"
Click on "properties"
(This just opens the Sytem Properties dialog in Windows XP; there are other
ways to get there)
Click on "Advanced"
Click on "Environmental Variables"
There are two sets: The lower set is for "System Variables"
Click "New"
Under "Variable" type "BLAS_VERSION" (don't put the quotes ;-)
Under value put "c:\Matlab7\bin\atlas_Athlon.dll"
(Check to make sure that there is a file by that name, otherwise look in
your Matlab folder for a "dll" folder that has the letters "Athlon" in it
and should also have "atlas" in it. Then place the path this THIS under
You do not need to reboot.
Matlab should now work.

If it STILL doesn't work, in the "path" variable under system variables add

extract to
29/03 00:05:09
@ Amarillux:

Yes, that method is all over the internet but I have read that it doesn't works for some people. The method I used solved the issue without any problem and works for all.
29/03 00:23:33
Hey thanx dude... MATLAB 7.0 now works with my AMD Opteron 165 (Denmark) Dual Core Processor too :D

Thanx buddy :D
05/04 18:47:09
one more thanks to you! i was desperate with this issue.
08/04 14:57:10
great fix
11/04 18:31:26
Hey, Thanx but, I have a problem with my AMD Turion, what can I do to run it. Please Help me!!!!!
15/04 05:37:15
@ Carlos Cruz:

Problem with processor a.k.a malfunctioning processor? Take it to the place where you brought it from for warranty.
15/04 10:38:24
Hey dude,

You are the man ! IT works !!!!

Thanks a lot once again,
16/04 05:23:49
This works great! Fixed the error %matlab7/bin/win32/Intel.dll is not a valid image file.
18/04 10:02:57
Thanks buddy! It really helps! I have AMD Turion64X2 and it worksfine now.
06/05 15:23:09
Works like a charm on my AMD athlon 64 x2 +4200. Thought I was going to have to either pitch my new computer--or renew my way out of date license!!!
08/05 10:18:22
Thank you Boy, I love You!!! hehe, im was almost crying with this damned software, the same problem than yours, works fine here, thank a lot
11/06 21:56:40
Wow, that helps alot!! Thanks! (AMD Turion64)
03/07 08:21:06
After 6th reinstalation of MATLAB 7.0 I've contemplated on returning my Athlon 3800+ back to the shop, and then I've came across your tip.
Thank you very much! :)
Best regards :)
23/07 15:09:16
Works on Mobile AMD Sempron(tm), Thank you.
25/07 17:43:42
Thank you so much
25/07 21:18:57
I am trying to run MATLAB 7 on Vista and it does the Quitting error. It starts and then just crashes.
Can u help please. I tried the blas.spec thing, but thereis no such file in my installation.
I have a AMD Turion 64 X2 machine running on WIndow Vista Home premium.
31/07 14:05:57
hi ,
i'd d same problem in my system running with amd 64 athlon and i too had hard kuck with running matlab although the software installed without any complexities.. i thought this was something related to the OS but one of my friends told that it is due to incompatibility of the processor.. i jus referred the net and got it succesfully fixed.. happy that u found the solution but it would be happier if u could say us how u got the solution.. anyway thank u friend..
31/07 21:24:16
Awesome stuff man thx alot... u just saved my life b^w^d !!
11/08 16:29:48
I had the same problem. I tried to run Matlab 7 Release 14 ( on Vista. My processor is a AMD Turion64 X2 Tl-58. I added the two lines in the files blas.spec and now matlab works just fine. However, before I stumbled accross this page, I intended to uninstall Matlab, but the uninstaller didn't work. Now that i had applied the modification proposed here, matlab works but uninstaller still doesn't work. Instead, a window saying "exception callin main" appears. Does anyone get that besides me?
16/08 10:37:15
@ Vince:

Try repairing your installation of Matlab and then try un-installing it.

Also, do you have sufficient administrative privileges to perform such a task?
16/08 11:11:28
Man thts simply awesome if i asked the technical detial behind tht..can you answer tht...

send a reply to

Once again thnks a lot...
19/08 11:10:20
@ Harmeet:

If you are familiar with programming, simply consider it as the libraries being present but not used in the program which gives errors during compilation. As soon as the libraries are linked properly, viola! Everything works fine.
20/08 00:25:48
I think I found the Solution!
I tried that BIAS variable shit and it ain't work. So after 5 hrs I gave up and tried to uninstall matlab7(r14). For my surprise, I couldn't! A pop up message appeared saying windows had blocked the program. So I followed the troubleshooting steps.
The thing is, If you want matlab7 to run again or for the first time you must want to give a shot to these steps:

1.start > control panel > performance and maintenance > system
2.go to "advanced" tab
3. under performance select "settings"
4. go to "data execution prevention" tab
5. enable "turn on DEP for essential windows programs and services only"
DO NOT ENABLE DE 2ND ONE that says "turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:"

I did this on my pc winxp home edition, 3200 AMD Athlon ahd it worked!!

The only problem I keep seeing is a pop up message when matlab starts saying "couldn't query openGL".But no big deal, I can still do my assignments.

If these steps solved your "runtime error" and you figured out about the openGL problem I have tell me, be nice like me :P
07/09 09:50:37
I love you man!!!
19/09 08:39:04
I was trying to solve this problem for months.
Now finally it works fine on Athlon 64 X2 4000+ processor.
Question is why MathWorks didn't give solution on their site?
Sorry for my english ;]
30/09 16:14:40
thank you so much.
your solution works for me .
thank you again
09/10 06:30:25
I have a AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-56
Codename Trinidad

Running Vista [Version 6.0.6000]

Adding the two lines to the config file allowed me to run MATLAB! This really saved me from tons of trouble! Thank you so much.

It was very frusterating to have MATLAB open and then instantly close.
09/10 12:15:50
perfect! without your help, I'd have days struggling and wasted! thanks a lot man
17/10 08:09:33
thanks o/
18/10 20:56:49
I have the same problem but with a Pentium 4 installed. Any ideas?
24/10 00:59:17
@ Eric:

This fix is only applicable for AMD processors.
25/10 11:18:01
than you, it worked on my amd turion 64 *2 processer
27/10 17:14:39
Same problem with AMD sempron 3500+. Adding the two lines to blas.spec worked a treat
27/10 21:03:52
Thanks a million man!
It worked on my Turion64 WinXP as well...
Thank you for sharing - I wish
MathWorks would be as considerate...

30/10 20:33:08
I have Vista Business Edition, AMD Turion64 Mobile Technology, And it worked for me. Thx.
03/11 19:26:49
10/11 03:56:03
Thanks a ton!
11/11 00:03:30
14/11 20:15:09
Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!!!
15/11 11:10:48
voila, it did work

thank you very much
19/11 15:34:28
thanx man!!!!!! it really works, but i'm gonna move on to R2007b i guess....
24/11 19:08:37
Thanks a ton. You have a thousand greateful souls here. I had the same version of Matlab as you [ Matlab 7 Release 14 (] and running AMD athlon 64 with Vista home premium. It started up fine. Thanks again.
26/11 00:22:09
I have a Turion 64 x 2 running on Vista but these two lines are already in the blas file, I changed them to Turion but it still doesn't work. Help me plase
27/11 16:27:07
THANKS A LOT MAN.....twas annoying me for a while........Got it fixed.....Thanks again....
27/11 20:12:22
Thankyou buddy.....saved me a lot of trouble.....
28/11 14:14:07
Thank you so much. You are the greatest hero that has ever existed. And I don't give that title to just anyone
29/11 05:24:59
THANK YOU, BROTHER! I was breaking my mind wondering if it was an error from Vista and some drivers that were not installed. I patched all lacking drivers but it didn't work even.

Great work, congratulations.
Just contact me if you need some help in traslations into Spanish.
Feliz Navidad
29/11 11:28:11
Awesome.. I have been having sleepless nights trying to figure out what the problem was.
Installed all versions on my Vista.. But failed..
It works perfect now!!Hats off to u dude!!
07/12 19:48:19
To those who get this error: Visual C++ Runtime library error when trying to open Matlab.
1, right click the shortcut to Matlab.
2. click properties.
3. click the compatibility tab.
4.uncheck the option Compatibility Mode//if it was already unchecked try to check it and use different options and see what happens...
5.100% solution
21/12 12:17:16
it works also for amd sempron 3000+, thanks
28/02 05:03:25
OH man u r genes

thnax man ....
29/02 23:41:20
you are my saviour!!!
02/03 19:39:49
Joining to the others ... Thanks a lot!!!!
03/03 01:02:34
Hi all,
Here is a strange problem wid Matlab 7.1 on AMD 64 ... did all steps given above;
What I did, I closed all panels of matlab desktop .. n then started again ... given a long msg .... Clicked OK .. it closed itself.

I tried System restart, Reinstall, uninstall .. but cudn't make it start .

Help me.
20/03 17:39:03
Las mismas soluciones, pero en español, entrando a:

Ver comentarios añadidos. Existen diversos procesadores y configuraciones.


23/03 00:03:46
Hi all,
Edwrd's solution has fixed my problem.
AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core processor 4400+
Thanks lot
01/04 07:33:36
worked on my acer Aspire3000
09/04 18:00:51
Thank a lot
09/04 21:04:25
OMG!! NO WAY! This worked!!!!!! I had just installed Matlab on my new Vista computer for school and the darn program kept crashing! Thanks so much! =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23/04 10:36:44
Thanks a lot, this solved my issue as well
28/04 14:24:20
Thank you so much and now matlab 7 works perfectly well on my vista machine with amd processor HP dv 2220us laptop.
01/05 13:26:02
thanks for your fix solution. you've made my day!
08/05 10:35:19
Hiii Asad

Thank u very much for the tip..It helped:-)U seem to have lots of knowledge about processors.keep it up .u know i had given up.I had decided to go to the AMD company in Bangalore to fix my problem..And I got ur site through orkut.I had written scraps to many members who belonged to AMD communities in orkut.One guy replied me with ur site.So now I'm very happy that matlab 7 is working.

But there is a problem with Turbo C..It wont work in full progs cant b run.Can u plz look into this problem Asad?

Thank u...
14/05 02:56:24
Hi! Perhaps you can help me. I've got installed in my laptop both Matlab 7.0 and 7.1, because the former version doesn't allow me to run a particular program. I'am trying to run 7.1 but it seems to be blocked. I've tried to edit blas.spec but nothing happened. My laptop has Windows Vista, Mobile AMD Sempron ™ Processor 3300+ 2 GHz, and operative system is 32 bit. Could there be some problem when there are two versions of Matlab installed in the same computer? Thanks a lot!
21/05 05:07:06
hey Asad... its me Mohsin Ikram, BICSE-2C.... i also had the same problem... and when i searched for it... the first link i got... was of ur site... it was really good to see huge number of comments on ur blog... zabardast yaar... chaa giyaa hai... :P

and my processor is AMD Turion 64x2 and matlab is running fine... :-)

23/05 00:56:19
@ Mohsin:

Glad to see that you benefited from this resource. :D
23/05 01:25:03
great job! Thanks
26/05 04:32:28
Your solution was great,
I worked for me too,
thanks dude
08/06 00:11:53
it help me a lot
i am using AMD X2 4400
before getting this i am using a pentium III cpu for using mat lab 7
this help me a lot
thanks by me and every AMD X2 users in my college
11/06 08:18:09
18/06 04:05:02
Thanks so much. I give you a brilliance star. *
27/06 22:26:36
Your a legend man, thanks!!!
12/07 19:53:47
This must be totally weird...cos it 2008 and the other guys comment are in 07..but whatever.....You rock..awesome..thank you thank you for sharing this crucial i was trying everything possible..everything(for 5 hrs straight)!! and i thought it was vista's problem....THANK YOU!!!!!!
15/08 00:41:49
@ Jethin Mathew Thomas:

I am glad this article was of help to you.

The comments span from the time this article was posted in 2006. What you see above is not the year but the month of the comment. It is DD/MM format with no mention of the year.
15/08 03:57:50
Thanks Dude....was excellent....
once again champ....!! thanks
29/08 16:36:27
I have AMD Turion X2, dual-core processor. I have already attempted adding the two lines at the end of blas.spec file, however this doesnot have any effects.

AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

I am looking for your suggestions.
04/09 08:22:00
thank you a lot , it helps me very much.
06/09 17:54:28
Thanks very much i has same problem. The problem is now solved.
07/09 00:22:56
Thanx for this page -- between the original solution and all the following comments, I was able to get r14 working on Vista!

Thanks a bundle!
08/09 04:58:59
11/09 00:38:38
thanks a lot, it works for me =)
17/09 06:48:40
I had the same problem on my laptop with AMD Turion64 X2 and this solution works perfectly!
17/09 19:54:30
If you have a the version R2007b of matlab, it should support most AMD64 processors.
The problem is that sometimes Matlab tries to grab too much memory and apparently Windows kills matlab. (symptom: it looks like your pc is trying to load but it gets interrupted and it does not goes on...).
Create this environment variable on your system:
MATLAB_RESERVE_LO and give it a value of 0 (zero).
This should solve the problem.
20/09 02:37:51
my comp is vista prossesorAmd ATHNON 64 X2
25/09 07:04:06
Thanks so much.. your blog really helped me solve this problem.
27/09 13:02:37
worked, thanks
28/09 01:29:05
Thank you SO much. That worked perfectly. You have helped me tremendously!
29/09 05:14:48
I have found out how to modify the blas.spec somewhere else but amarillux additional tips have saved the day.
(my processor is AMD Turion Ultra Core ZM-80)

Thanks a lot guys!!
04/10 18:16:04
thanks a lot
08/10 21:44:19
a perfect solution!
Thanks a lot!
It also worked for Turion 64
10/10 11:12:04
Thanks alot, after i was really frustrated it really helped me and saved time and money.
10/10 15:24:45
Great work guy... The long list of thanks does convey you have posted a very useful comment. It worked for me AMD 64 Athlon - X2.
22/10 12:44:35
If the thing above does not help, setting the environment variable BLAS_VERSION to $MATLAB\bin\win32\athlas_Athlon.dll does help. For setting env.variables in Vista (yak) you need to open control panel->user accounts-> your account->change my environtment variables

thanks for giving this hint,Tuomas
26/10 21:01:04
Thank you very much for this hint. I also had some troubles with MATLAB, but now it seems if it works fine. So thanks again.
05/11 23:16:51
06/11 20:08:03
15/11 10:52:37
@ Jorge:

It's obvious Mathwork guys finally noticed the problem and its solution listed here and decided to make a 'Technical Solutions' article out of it.

FYI, this article I wrote was written and published on this site on 30th of April, 2006.

The Mathworks article was posted in August this year (2008).

That alone is proof enough of who copied what.

I maintain that this was the first public posting of this solution. People can disagree with this notion but you only need to go back through any search engine's cache archives to determine who first posted the solution.

All I asked was a courtesy link to credit the solution. That you did not do so just speaks about your own self.
15/11 20:11:46

Congratulations on the discovery. You're a genius. All credits are yours for the solution of Matlab in AMD. It was explained in my blog.

Greetings from Chile!
16/11 11:39:50
Thanks for this post u solve all my problems...I LOVE U
03/12 00:45:13
Thnks soo much...i almost went crazy without knowing wat to do..thnks ya..
07/12 14:51:09
I have a AMD Athlon X2 Dual-core QL-60..matlab 7 doesnot wotk on it.please help
16/12 19:20:31
Here is solution Nuef found.

Take a look here.. Read it carefully..
21/12 23:34:51
Thanks man ! You have actually saved my life ! (today I am gonna made & send a project for studies)
11/01 21:34:09
Hey! I stumbled upon this site about an hour ago and tried it for a while, but to no avail. Then I started messing with it and realized that

AuthenticAMD Family * Model * atlas_Athlon.dll

works just fine for any make or model AMD Athlon.

Just a post for anyone else having problems with this solution. Thanks for the information though! It helped a lot. (Athlon X2 64)
28/01 10:56:19
Thanks. alot.. it really help me..!! :)
08/02 11:40:04
Thanks for your solution, it 's helped me too.
14/02 00:19:27
I hope you win a million dollars one day...
19/02 07:04:48
02/03 12:23:37
very very very very very very very very very thanks.. It solved my problem really
05/03 19:54:02
You are the best man! You save my PC from distruction cause it got into my nerves i was ready to throw it from the 4 flor. Thanks a lot,
AMD Sempron 64 3000+
06/03 04:36:37
You are the best man! You saved my PC from destruction cause it got it to my nerves. I was ready to throw it from the 3 flor. Thanks a lot.
AMD Sempron 3000+ (64bit)
06/03 04:40:03
Dude, Thanks a Lot....u did a great job..But how did u research on it?
06/03 05:00:43
Thanks a ton...i have wasted 24 hours working on this and finally with you help, i can use Matlab 7.0 on my AMD laptop
12/03 06:01:44
Thank you sooooo much!!!
15/03 21:42:01
Ineed help to solve the problem with my AMD Turion X2 64 and Mathlab if you can help, please do it
31/03 19:56:26
Vista Home Business with AMD Turion works fine!! Thanks a lot!!
04/04 19:48:55
Thanks! This helped me a lot!
19/04 17:00:27
Thanks a lot dude. I was so frustrated when i was unable to start Matlab. Finally i found ur solution. IT WORKS MAN!!!! Thanks again and again... :)
25/04 21:41:26
Thanks a lot!
26/04 07:15:21
You just bailed me out of real trouble, as my laptop failed catastrophically and I needed to get the old Release 14 working on my AMD64 desktop for our team THANKS!!!
28/04 05:08:28
Thank you so much!! It worked!
25/05 16:34:38
Hi Asad, I have an AMD Turion processor and am trying to run MATLAB7 (release 14) but it quits when I start it up like it did for everyone else. I have added the lines of code into 'blas.spec' but it has not made a difference. Any ideas? I will probably just have to get rid of Windows Vista and install XP again.....

I love Matlab and when I found out Vista could not run version 7 I was so sad :(
19/06 09:15:23
I tried the two lines added solution did not work on my Turionx2 Vista.
Then I did the solution here:

Which is: creating a new env variable BLAST_VERSION and setting it to atlas_Athlon.dll

and it (Matlab) works fine now.

Thanks for everyone's effort
20/06 00:24:44
thanx .......
05/07 19:09:30
you are great...genius

thank you

10/08 21:46:12
Hi thanku very much...
I was very much frustrated with MATLAB...
Thanku very happy now.
11/09 02:24:56
Hi thanku very much. I cud get rid of the problem..

11/09 02:26:35
Hi. After searching so much I found this page and I hope my problem would also be resolved by your solutions.

I'm using Matlab R2007a on AMD Phenom II X2 550 processor. The OS is windows XP, service pack 3. I have no problem by Matlab itself. I'm using MSC.ADAMS control, connecting with Matlab simulink. The softwares use a command prompt file (.cmd) as an interface for exchanging variables.

When starting the simulation, sometimes the following error message is displayed:

Microsoft Visual C++
Runtime Error!
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

As this is happening randomly and with no obvious reason, I guess that the issue is related to the CPU. I have to restart the computer for many times and manipulate solver configurations again and again until the two softwares connect successfully !

I have to mention that there is a warning in my Matlab prompt when adding Adams paths, saying that amd.dll exists in both matlab and adams paths and a conflict might happen.

Please help me if you have any idea
With Best Regards, Nima
26/09 22:51:10
Pretty cool brother... it works perfectly... mine is turion64 x2..

thx a lot
14/10 20:36:13
Hey it worked....
Thanx man,,
U r the great
18/10 09:26:59
Very Very Thank you!!
28/10 19:18:29
amd sempron(tm)si-42,2.2GHz
plz tell me how to write it in the file in matlab ... plz mr.
04/11 15:17:36
Tnx! It works! :)
04/11 15:55:15
Chellam.... I love you..... setting blas_version enviroment variable worked.....
25/11 21:53:02
Chellam... I love you ma.... Setting environment variable worked....
25/11 21:54:10
Well, that makes sense.
30/12 12:40:33
thanks, that really helped me on my AMD Turion hp laptop. thanks again!!!
01/03 12:11:23
thanks for all sir...
worked for my athlon 64 X2 3600+...
15/03 20:16:53
Great help, guys!!!

In particular, for my AMD Athlon 64 bit, what I needed to do was:

1 - create the environment variable BLAS_VERSION (as suggested by amariluxx)

2 - change the Windows theme to WIndows Classic

Thanks for the help!!!

Why is it that Mathworks can't keep track of these solutions properly, so that you don't have to hunt for an hour or more to figure it out. Pathetic on their part. If it weren't for Google, nothing would be possible!!!
04/04 02:39:51
I have got same problem, but on Intel E8400 and MatLab R2008a, when start it , then immideately close...
Please, HELP...
20/05 01:53:19

AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

AuthenticAMD Family 16 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 16 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64
22/08 19:29:25
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

AuthenticAMD Family 16 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 16 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64
22/08 19:31:27
thanks so muchhhhhh :D the blas.spec didnt work on my pc so i tried the enviroment variables. And guesss what ?? it worked !!!!! thank u thank u thank u
22/09 23:37:59
thanks so much.
this really helped
I have an AMD athlon 64 dual core 2.00 GHZ , Windows 7 32 bit and had the same problem but now it's solve.
Thumbs up
09/10 09:43:39
Thank you very much......................
you are support is of a great help.......

15/10 14:06:26
Thank u very very much frnd
my heartily thanks to u....
i was searching this from years ...mine was AMD Athlon X2 so was facing this problem....
thank u very very much
03/11 02:35:18

That worked for me when everything else did not work. I just did this and solve my Matlab7 R14 close upon launch problem. Running on Windows 7 and AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 B24 Processor (3.00Ghz) 64-bit system.

Thank you!
24/11 00:57:40
waoooh! this is wonderful, thanks a lot. It did not work for me because of the mismatch of processor Family. Mine is 17 while your sample detailed 15. It was a guide to me. After changing my Processor Family to 17, it worked!!! I am so happy...
15/03 17:30:06
Finally it worked!! I had to be very specific with the CPU model.

Didn't work:
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * acml.dll # AMD64

AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 31 acml.dll # AMD64
13/04 22:08:24
it is not working for phenom 2 x2 550
19/07 20:13:15
pierluigimartini's approach works on my AMD A6 and windows 7.
I have to change the theme to windows classic to make matlab works.
Thanks a lot.
14/08 07:45:00


GenuineIntel Family 5 Model * atlas_PPro.dll # Pentium
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 1 atlas_PPro.dll # Pentium Pro
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 3 atlas_PII.dll # Pentium II (Klamath)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 5 atlas_PII.dll # Pentium II (Deschutes)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 6 atlas_PII.dll # Celeron
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 7 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Katmai)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 8 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Coppermine)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 9 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium M
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 10 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Cascades)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 11 atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III (Mobile)
GenuineIntel Family 6 Model * atlas_PIII.dll # Pentium III
GenuineIntel Family 15 Model * atlas_P4.dll # Pentium 4
AuthenticAMD Family 5 Model * atlas_PII.dll # AMD-K6
AuthenticAMD Family 6 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon/Duron
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 4 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 5 atlas_Athlon.dll # Opteron
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64
AuthenticAMD Family 16 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 16 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

08/05 01:01:13
Thanks a lot Ahmed. I did everything what you said. "creating a new env variable BLAST_VERSION and SETTING IT TO ATLAS_ATHLON.DLL" has actually worked for my Turion C2 proc. Thanks heaps!
28/12 00:50:36

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