24/05: Suicide bomber

Suicide Bomber

Stolen from the lap of feeding mother
Raised in the midst of submission and surrender
This system of a Satan seasons a suicide bomber
Made dead are his instincts that fuelled worldly satisfaction
Signed is the deal that offers heaven with babes for self-detonation
The jacket he wore isnít meant for cold anymore
Nor it reminds of mama knitting clothes anymore
The jacket houses the cries of the burnt
The trauma that floods mothers of innocent
My brother is not dead he is just pretending to sleep longer
The sister defied the brothers blood that spilled over
The old man now speechless was once asked
He told about a girl and an expecting wife who were lost after the blast
His eyes in high hopes sneak through the windows
While he dresses up willing to see their shadows
Alive now is the suicide bomber in another dimension
Angels of death made him realize he was under deception
The aftermath of suicide bomber has opened a new chapter
The system of a Satan that seasons another suicide bomber

© Faraz Arshad

Faraz  Poetry 
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Very nice poem. I like the way you have used the words to express it.
25/05 23:25:13
Excellent poem.
31/05 19:53:42

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