18/11: 2nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2006 (ICET 2006)

I recently attended the 2nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies (13th and 14th of November, 2006) where I met quite a few people, including but not limited to various UET Peshawar students and conference speakers.

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This has been the second international conference which I have attended as a volunteer organizer. I left Islamabad, for Peshawar, on Sunday the 12h of November and reached the UET Peshawar Engineering campus at around 5 PM. From there we proceeded to Peshawar Services Garrison Club where we got a general tour and some instructions regarding our tasks the next day. I enjoyed this conference a lot but the tiredness was something I could have done without.

There were three volunteers from my university and our accommodations were at the UET faculty hostels which were quite good. Furthermore, our hosts made us feel very much at home.

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