08/11: FanFicAuthors.net Template for De-FFNet-izer

Due to the high quantity of fan fiction on fanfiction.net, commonly referred to as 'ff.net', it has become quite a popular site for fan fiction enthusiasts. There are plenty of fics there to look through, though the quality of the majority of them leaves quite a few things to be desired. Just so that you could archive your favorite fics for off-line reading and to safe guard against questionable fic deletion incidents at ff.net by the administration, Jon Rosebaugh created De-FFNet-izer; a tool to archive fics from ff.net on your PC. It is a useful tool which saves its users the time otherwise spent on manually saving each page. It is compatible with multiple platforms, including; Windows 95 to Windows XP and Mac OS X. Alternatives to this program are available for the Linux platform. The source is available under GNU GPL. You can download the program here.

Another popular fan fiction site is FanFicAuthors.net (a.k.a FFA.net) which has a very clean and nice look. I enjoy reading fics on FFA.net since the site is easy on the eyes and the fics are of a high quality. My appreciation for the look of FFA.net led me to make a FFA.net template for De-FFNetizer. Now you can enjoy reading ff.net fics in an FFA.net like environment.

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