30/10: My blog is worth $7903.56

I was randomly browsing through blogs when I found this site. It states my blog's worth at $7903.56. Neat, ain't it? If only real cash was involved... ;)

Apparently, the site calculates how much a blog is worth using data from Technorati. The inspiration comes from Tristan Louis's research into the value of each link to Weblog, Inc. Here's a nice image to go along with it:

blog worth image

If you have a blog, how much is it worth? Would you sell it for the amount calculated? Do share your results and thoughts!

26/10: The Spice Man

Were you misled by the "Spice Man" title? Well, don't be. This post has nothing to do with Spice Girls or any gossip surrounding them.

I was just browsing The News of October 25 and noticed a news item which piqued my interest. Click here to read the news article and here to download it in case it vanishes from the site.

2006 Vendy Awards

Click the image above for more info on Vendy Awards.

I must congratulate Mr. Samiul Haque Noor who took the top prize at the 2nd annual Vendy Awards with his chicken, lamb and beef concoctions using Pakistani recipes and spices. He has made his country and its citizens proud.

Fans of Mr. Noor state that the red sauce clears up sinuses. This would definitely save his customers a visit to the doctor (think bills!) while getting something good and filling to eat at the same time. As far as I am concerned, that is a bonus!

I wish him great success in his life!


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