26/02: Biodegradable mobile technology

Imagine getting tired of your old mobile phone and after getting a new one, just popping the old one into a flower pot and watching it grow into a sunflower plant.

mobile sunflower
Warwick University

I kid you not! This is true.

This unique mobile phone design has been developed by researchers from Warwick University and materials company PVAXX. It presents all kinds of interesting uses this technology can be put to use in.

It's amazing to see technology evolve to solve environmental issues facing man kind, however small the 'evolution' is.

Another such technology is a circuit board made out of lasagne.

mobile lasagne
Jennie Hills/Science Museum

I believe the key question about this lasagne based circuit boards is the life of this new material and the circuits made on it.

For reading up more on this new technology, click here.

06/02: SED displays: A possible LCD/Plasma display successor?

This article is about a new type of display technology revealed relatively recently. I have been hearing about it (rather reading about it) a lot and I thought with all the flashy LCDs and plasma screens out there, there has to be something that is a cut above the rest. Don't bother to check out availability, there is still some time until it becomes affordable and widely available.

Over the last three to four years, the computing world has witnessed a dramatic shift from the traditional CRTs to LCDs. This occurred in part due to the sleek design, low weight, less bulk and low power requirement achieved with the latter which hits snags in CRTs. Also LCD shows much greater potential to build larger and larger panels (Samsung actually introduced a 82'' panel in March 2005) without any drop in clarity.

One might think with all this LCD/plasma buzz, CRT tech is obsolete. Not really; just imagine if you had a CRT with the same dimensions of LCD, with clarity and brightness of CRT or beyond it. This thing is called a SED display with SED standing for Surface Conducting Electron Emitter Display and was first introduced by Canon Inc.

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