15/04: Want a product key for Windows XP or Windows Vista?

Google and Belarc have come together to give you, the user/reader, the product keys for Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Office and a lot of other software [Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Symantec antivirus, etc]. Don't believe me?

Click here or here.

The Google Search query used for Windows XP is:

"Windows XP Professional" "Belarc Advisor Current Profile" key:

The Google Search query used for Windows Vista is:

"windows vista" "Belarc Advisor Current Profile" key:

You might have to keep searching until you find a key that works since OEM keys won't activate again on a different computer.

This is a rather old method (first found about one year ago) but strangely enough, it works even now. It appears that Microsoft, Belarc, Google and the Belarc users themselves have done nothing to remove these Belarc profiles which are available online. Even the keys haven't been blacklisted. I would strongly urge Microsoft to blacklist these keys. Other people will keep using these keys so long as they are available or working. This also doesn't reflects well on the anti-piracy drive by Microsoft and other software vendors which I talked briefly about in a previous post titled "Windows XP activation woes and piracy in Pakistan".

To the reader: If you do get the product keys using this method, know that it is your own risk. I bear no responsibility in this regard for whatever happens to you, your PC or anyone/anything else. This post is for informational purpose only.