20/06: The OLPC Project - call for localization

I recently attended Microsoft's Pakistan Developer Conference which attracted IT experts from all over Pakistan alongside various other government officials.


There, I met Dr. Habib Khan, who is working for the OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] project in Pakistan. We had a brief conversation about the project when he was leaving and he requested that all those who can help should come forth for localizing OLPC for Pakistan. This will ultimately benefit the poor people in Pakistan who don't know English language and for whom the currently English-based OLPC project is useless since they have no familiarity with the English language. He sent me a couple of links for those who are interested:

OLPC current events

For those software developers; Pakistan-based or otherwise, who are interested in localizing OLPC project to Urdu and other local languages, please post what you can contribute in this thread on Linux Pakistan site. Once there are a few people interested, I will direct Dr. Habib to the thread/site so interested people can interact with him and he can then further guide them.

I request all those interested in this to step forward for the betterment of the cause of OSS and the very people of Pakistan who will use this OLPC project for gaining knowledge and ultimately improving their lives.

For those who can do it, please forward this information to other communities and forums too where people might be interested to help.

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I'm glad that you wrote about this. I feel strongly about localization. I've been doing some research about urdu use in mobile phones and I was surprise by the limited availability. Similarly there are almost no good Urdu learning tools (electronic/software) for kids. Perhaps we can form a group to discsuss this.
21/06 03:22:26
@ Babar Bhatti:

Are you interested in localization of the OLPC project?

If so, there is already the forum linked in the blog post present for basing this activity in. If you or any other person is interested, please direct them to:

I have already told Dr. Habib about the forum post and I expect he will be following the progress there.
21/06 10:29:12
I would love to have contact with Dr. Habib Khan and invite him to submit a post to OLPC News on his efforts in Pakistan. Those that care about OLPC would love to know about his progress
21/06 18:45:21
Anyone knows what happened to the localization project and why it failed - after two years? and why are they using pushto as the localized language?
I am in touch with one of the two voluenteers who launched the Pilot for OLPC over at my blog and am still not clear.
08/04 20:21:22
@ Sohaib:

OLPC project has been launched. Read more here:
09/04 23:05:58

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