22/02: Railway Pictures

Pakistan Railways has been the state operator for rail based transportation system since independence. Some months back, I had to visit Rawalpindi Railway Station and snapped a couple pictures. For some reason which I fail to understand, these pictures fascinate me. The pictures are below:

Train ready to leave

The above picture shows a train ready to start its journey.

Switch board

I got some drinks at the Railway Restaurant and the above switch board caught my eye. It surprised me that they are using such old switches and that they are still operational. It seems as if the British era relics have survived the many years of service (with maintenance and repair, of course).

Fortunately, the day I visited was just a day before Bhambore Express was to start its service. It had a brand new shiny engine which had just arrived from the nearby Railway factory. The decorations amused me quite a bit. It looks as if it a newly wed bride. :D

Bhambore Express Picture 1

Bhambore Express Picture 2

Bhambore Express Picture 3

Bhambore Express Picture 4

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Cheers!
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Oh yah, nice pictures especially for brides :) ... but you took these pics few month back ... posting so late :S
22/02 10:13:03
@ Muhammad Qasim Pasta:

Yeah, but I had a rather severe writer's block and I haven't written much in the last couple months. Just making a return back with a light post. :D
22/02 13:34:18

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