08/12: Eid Mubarik!

I wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable Eid.

It is time to remember Hazrat Ibrahim's (Abraham) sacrifice and how he sacrificed his own beloved son when Allah called upon him. May Allah give us similar strength of sacrifice. Amen.

eid milo

Eid Mubarak image

Spread as much love, peace, joy and prosperity as you can on this day of celebration. Eid Mubarik and may you and yours stay safe and healthy!

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Eid Mubarak to you too
01/01 01:46:47
"how he sacrificed his own beloved son when Allah called upon him"

No, he didn't. He only sacrificed a ram. And thank God for that! Otherwise we would have been slaughtering our children.
13/01 16:43:00
@ Saif:

It is a bit controversial what really happened from the accounts spread over the internet. And we aren't gullible enough to be slaughtering our children, although some fool tried that a few weeks ago... Sadly, there was no lamb to replace his son... *rolling eyes*
14/01 00:01:41
Eid Mubarak to you too; I forgot so i am saying just in time. Besides I like these cards. Fresh as always. :)
10/12 20:39:56
14/01 14:10:48

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