14/02: Funny Exam/Test Answers

This is just a continuation of Mathematics and physics jokes and Never start a PhD....


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Well about the "never start a PhD" title, I think we need a slight modification or addition. One should write "never start a PhD in Pakistan". I would give reasons about this later but I would only say that if you want to do research, go abroad or you rot. Here there is no funding and even after you have done it, you will have a hard time fulfilling the university legal requirements to submit your research.
22/02 12:54:04
lollllz........... the last twooo really made my day,,,
12/03 08:08:49
lmao, I love ebaums world too.
17/06 15:02:17
the last one is sooo true:)
04/05 07:14:47

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