29/05: Snatched Chaste

Snatched Chaste; the story of a powerless prostitute

Loosing demureness as sunlight falls,
The Showtime starts on the manager’s call,
Occasional sneak-back before sun rises,
The austerity in attitude before anyone despises,
Adorned a dress so brazen so that transvestite rises,
Walking past the streets, covered in veil, as she disguises,
The lobby of the French motel deluged by the immoral,
Usual pick-ups by the insatiable 50’s;
The low chances of being paid high,
Continues the never ending story of powerless,
Whose snatched chaste sinks in remorse,
And the body in the bed of roses, now shameless stays content.

© Faraz Arshad

Faraz  Poetry 
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You have strange poetry tastes... ^_^
30/05 02:39:28

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